Simply Sarah

This is my story...but it's all God's Plan!

5 Things I Am
1. Jesus Follower
2. Wife
3. Mother
4. Daughter
5. Sister
Bonus: Stay At Home Mom

5 Things I Do
1. Crafting
2. Sewing
3. Genealogy
4. Gardening
5. Reading

5 Things about Hubby and Me
1. I have THE BEST husband
2. We were married in 2004 {before finished with college}
3. We built our home on family land
4. We are both indecisive {especially about what to have for dinner}
5. One year, I made more money than he did.

5 Kids
I and L (twins) were born early, and safely went home to be with Jesus
P-man is our Christmas Eve baby
A-man and Lil'Lady - our surprise Twinners

5 Things You NEED To Know About Me:
1. I'm a Red-Head and live up to stereotypes!
2. I'm quite disorganized, but I almost never lose anything!
3. I'm a lover of music! Check out Music Monday's! - Coming Soon!
4. I love the color Purple!!
5. I come from a Charismatic background but I am now CRC! {We'll talk more on this!}

We continue our journey living for Christ and following His will for us the best we know how. 

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  1. Sarah - I've decided you should be a GEMS leader:-) You have all the qualifications, and then some!! You'll have to give that some thought one of these years! Love your blog!!