Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Mondays! :: Live Like That

I've featured Sidewalk Prophets before on Music Mondays! I love their music so I'm featuring them again!

"Live Like That" is a song that has a great tune, inspiring lyrics, and just plain makes you think! They have a devotional series out titled Live Like That which focuses on "highlighting key verses that inspired songs from {the album} "Live Like That""! (quote and album art from their website!) Check out their website for more information!

Find the lyrics here!
Watch the video below!

This song makes me think!
The main part of the song is "I want to live like that..."

Okay let's roll with this:
"I want to live like that"...what's that?...like Jesus lived...how did Jesus live?
"If Love is who I am"...What is Love?...Jesus is Love...how did Jesus show Love?

To answer each of these questions head over to the Bible. Figure out who Jesus is, what he did, and how he showed Love to others. We know the big way he showed love, through dying on the cross, but what did he do in His everyday life? How can we show others love in everyday life? How can we become more like Jesus to others?


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