Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursdays! :: Support System

I love that my family has an unwavering support system! A cheering section that will never stop cheering no matter how hard it gets. They listen, encourage, advise, cry with us, laugh with us, make us laugh, and stand by us no matter how difficult the storm gets!

For many years our support system has been only comprised of family (immediate and extended) and church family. In the past 3 or so years, though, our supporters have grown. We now have 3 great couples (and their families) that we consider close to us and know they will weather the storm with us. They know our kids well and support them also. They are friends that not only encourage us but faithfully encourage us. I believe them when they say they are praying for us. I believe them when they say "call me anytime to talk". I believe they are genuine. And best of all, they, too, have an unwavering faith!

This past Monday I learned of another group of supporters that, although was unexpected, I wasn't really surprised. These people are cheering for P-man at school! P-man's teacher called me Monday evening to see how he was doing (he was very sad at school and when he got home I figured out it was because he had a fever). His teacher informed me of all the people who ask how P-man is doing and if there has been any progress in his communication. Even the principal of the school is concerned for him, but has faith that it (his voice) will come. The office ladies (one who babysat me when I was young and the other we attend church with) ask about him and want him to excel in school. There is overwhelming support for our family and especially for P-man at that school!

Today, I'm thankful for the support our family receives from all areas of our community and beyond!


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