Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another Catch up on The Last Day!!

Sorry for my absence...yet again. With Thanksgiving, doctor's appointments, Hubby's work schedule, and trying to get ready for the holidays...well, I haven't really been in the blogging mood. We have so much coming up in December (just like November) and I'm overwhelmed with just a few of those items.

For the time being...let focus on what I was thankful for these last 9 days I missed. {little to no description}

Day 22 :: The feel of accomplishing things

Day 23 :: Support Systems

Day 24 :: Church Family

Day 25 :: The Joy this time of year brings

Day 26 :: Generous, Giving People! (Someone gifted us a Turkey!)

Day 27 :: Non-School Days (aka No Alarm Setting Days)

Day 28 :: ALL MY FAMILY!! (See my Facebook post for more on this one!)

Day 29 :: The incredible satisfaction I get from staying home on Black Friday!! {although, a local store was running a toy sale -- BOGO 75% off!! So I got the kids Christmas and Birthday gifts on black friday}

Day 30 :: The smiles on my kids faces when I kiss them goodnight!

ON TO DECEMBER! No challenges (which might make blogging a bit more fun for me again!) and just looking forward to Christmas Break...a whole 2 weeks without setting the alarm!!

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