Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Story Behind the Blog Name

Why this blog? Why now?

Well, I was taking a blogging class online {for free!} about monetizing and building your blog when I realized my personal blog is not what I want to do that to. I wanted to have a niche blog, a blog that allowed others to learn {mostly from my mistakes} but also to be inspired.

I want you, as readers, to be inspired!

I have always loved encouraging people, not through advice necessarily, but through giving them things to think about, letting them know someone was there for them, and most importantly showing them that Someone, God, loves them unconditionally.

As I was struggling with what my niche blog would be I went through everything I love to do; from crafting to sewing, to fashion (which would fail!), to family life-style blog.

One day, as I was praying about it, and listening to music, the song by Downhere called Here I am came on the radio!

"Here I am, Lord send me 
All of my life, I make an offering, 
Here I am, Lord send me 
Somehow my story is a part of Your plan, 
Here I am"

Somehow my story is a part of your plan. 

Don't skip over that line. Read it again!
My story is a part of God's Plan! It's my story, but it's always been God's plan!

I've always found song lyrics to go with situations in my life and a way to encourage people. For me, song lyrics are easy to memorize, the beat sticks in my head, and the message stays in my heart! 

So this has been a prayer for me while creating and filling this blog with inspiration for women and families. I truly hope this is a blessing and that the Lord touches your heart through my words and my story!

Listen to the song here. View the lyrics in full here

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