Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hi! Welcome to the blog!

I can't wait to get started on this blog! I'm still in the process of envisioning the look and feel of the blog as well as the content. Won't you come along on the journey?!


To inspire women and families in their faith and home life! 

What this will look like:

I will be posting about easy ways to keep your family healthy physically and spiritually {mostly spiritually}. This may include but is not limited to; recipes, crafts, faith insights, bible verses, and fun activities! Something close to my heart is growing my children's faith at home while in the public school system {which is a great one where I live!}. Look for our story of how we came to a public school decision and how we help our children keep their eyes on Jesus!

Keep coming back!:

In the first stages of starting my blog I ask you stick with me through the good and bad. You might see some changes here and there but I will try to keep it minimal for your viewing pleasure! Keep with me as I find my Inspirational Blogging Groove!

What You can Do:

 + Pray for this page - pray that the messages God has given me to speak are done in a clear manner.
 + Tell your friends - Let people you know know about this page! Share on pinterest, facebook, google+, wherever, to let your friends know about this site!
 + Make a suggestion - See something you really like? Keep it around by letting me know! See something you're not a fan of OR something you'd like to see that you don't? Use the Contact Me! form to let me know!
 + Encourage me! - Finding my blogging niche was a difficult task. It seems everyone already blogs about everything! My family and friends have helped encourage me a ton, already! Won't you join them and send me a word or two about how you found this site and what you like best! Use the Contact Me! form!

Thanks for reading and I pray you are encouraged and blessed by this blog that is God's Plan!

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