Friday, July 19, 2013

A {Welcome} Tour

Thanks for checking out the site! Here are some helpful tips for navigating and using this blog!

The tabs at the top are for your exploration! Please click around and see what you can find!

As many tabs are currently under construction in these early stages of the blog let me explain a bit about what I plan to put under those tabs.

For Women:

My main goal here is to give resources and encouragement to all women; young, old, single, married, widowed, etc.
There will be various ways of doing this that will include links to other websites on specific topics.

For Families:

This will include resources for growing healthy, Christian families and also you can enjoy some posts about free and cheap things to do with your family.


You will find general resources under this tab that will include devotions, how to lead others to a saving life with Christ, and general links that I find encouraging and uplifting!

Check out my Simply Sarah Page to find out more {than you probably want to know} about me!

Again, Thanks for checking out the site and please check back as I will be adding so much more over the next few weeks!

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