Monday, July 22, 2013

Night Time Prayer

My kids like to know what to expect. Saying the same prayer every night is one way I help their bedtime go smoothly.

Me: Lord Jesus
       Kids:  Lord Jesus
Me: Thank You for this day
       Kids:  Thank You for this day
Me: Please Bless Our Sleep
       Kids:  Please Bless Our Sleep
Me: With Happy Dreams
       Kids:  With Happy Dreams
Me: We Love You Jesus
       Kids:  We Love You Jesus
Me: Forgive Our Sins
       Kids:  Forgive Our Sins
Me: In Your Name We Pray
       Kids:  In Your Name We Pray
Me: Amen
       Kids:  Amen

Sometimes I add certain things into the prayer that I know need attention such as a specific prayer for a family member or friend, or prayer for peace in a situation, or for better attitudes in the morning! Since I have done this, I enjoy prayer time because they enjoy it. Before, I was fighting with the kids looking around or playing with something; now, though, they really enjoy repeating the prayer after me.

What kinds of things do you do with your kids for bedtime prayer?

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