Monday, July 22, 2013

My Story, God's Plan

This is my story...

I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to do God's Will for my life. I want to live in the moment but think about how I can affect the future.

My family is my life right now. Being a SAHM my schedule goes the same; wake up when the kids are screaming in my ear for breakfast, drag myself out of bed, break up a few spats between the kids before breakfast is served, breakfast, clean up and get ready for the day, clean, break up more fights, serve lunch, throw on Netflix or Qubo to get a little break from screaming/fighting, plan dinner, fix dinner, eat dinner, break up a spat, start bedtime, bedtime for kids, relax, play too much Candy Crush Saga, fall asleep way too late after scolding myself for being a CCS addict, do it all over again.

Okay, it's not as horrible as it may sound, and I would do this over anything else right now. I'd rather my kids play together than be in different areas of a daycare. I'd rather be teaching them what I know and feel to be best for them then have them dragged from one thing to the next at daycare. I'd rather schedule in one-on-one time with them then have them be a number in a daycare.

God has called me to where I am and I fully embrace it. I don't always approach it with a smile but I embrace it nonetheless. God helps us handle what we are given! I am so thankful for that!

This is my story...

But it's all God's Plan!

As the posts go on you will learn more about me and my story! Check out the 'Simply Sarah' page to find out more now!

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