Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Announcement & Music Mondays! :: Words

Big Announcement:

Throughout the month of October we will be doing an Encouragement Challenge!
Please join me as we use our words to inspire, encourage, lift up, and help others!

Purpose: To bring encouragement to others while establishing a habit of encouraging others in ourselves!
Reason: In today's world we are quick to judge others, to see their faults, and to compare each other. This is not uplifting to either party involved.
Challenge: Starting Tomorrow, October 1, 2013 we will begin! Your task today is to choose one person you think God is calling you to encourage this week! So, while you are praying today, ask God to set someone on your heart! Each day I will post one way for you to encourage them. I will be posting this to my Facebook page. It may not always be on the blog so please make sure you are following me on Facebook! Get it? If not just go with the flow, check my Facebook page tomorrow and you'll catch on!

Now onto Music Mondays!! ::

Hawk Nelson has a great song out that reminds us to use our words for only good!

It's all something we can work on! Something we can improve. 

This song will be the theme for the month of October as we embark on this Encouragement Challenge together!

Please take a few moments to read the lyrics and listen to the song (in the video below). Then, in the comments let me know what your favorite line is, or the line that made you think the most, or that hit you the hardest as truth speaking to you. (Also, in your comment let me know that you are participating in the challenge!)
Words can build us up
Words can break us down
Start a fire in our hearts or
Put it out  -Hawk Nelson

Let's build up, not break down! The Challenge starts tomorrow!

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