Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursdays :: {Breaking the Silence}

I've been silent on this blog the past two days. I haven't been in a good writing mood and didn't feel much like interacting. It's been a hard week, but we finally are headed in a great direction.

P-man has been struggling at school. He won't talk with any adults and he will only whisper to one child in his class. My frustration level hit an all time high this past week when he went silent at home. From Sunday night until last night I had not heard his voice. That's 3 days without hearing him talk with actual words. We knew it was getting worse and last week had gone to his pediatrician with this looking for help.

His pediatrician recommended we see a behavioral health therapist to see if P-man has Selective Mutism (SM). We have that appointment soon and I can't wait to get some answers! The amazing part is, his pediatrician pre-diagnosed P-man with something I had been checking into. Something I had not mentioned to him. P-man's teacher, I learned this week, has also been implementing certain ways of coping with SM in the classroom with him. Again, I had not mentioned I was looking into this to either of them. I consider this straight from God. I had been praying that whatever P-man was going through that we {his parents, his doctor, and his teachers} would all be on the same page!  Answered Prayer!

picture found at www.selectivemutism.org

I had mentioned I hadn't heard his voice since Sunday night. Last night, he talked, and talked and talked and talked and talked. He woke up in the night and talked. He woke up this morning and talked and talked until he got on the bus. Answered Prayer! I had been praying all week for a breakthrough. It was taking an emotional toll on me; I was irritated, short-fused, and just plain angry. Not knowing where to turn for help, I turned to the only help I need...God's grace, mercy, and Love!

Today, I'M THANKFUL, for hearing my son's voice again, for answered prayers, and for the great support I find in Hubby and our parents!

What are you thankful for today?


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