Friday, October 11, 2013

Simply Sarah {Being a Red-Head}

A few stereotypes about red-heads:
1) they are hot-tempered and feisty 
2) they can't tolerate pain
3) they burn easily and can't go in the sun.

Let me first tell you about a person I encountered recently. 
We stopped at Meijer and I ran in to get a prescription filled while Hubby waited in the car. I was walking around the health and beauty aisles. A lady stopped me and we had this conversation:

Lady: Excuse me, can you help me.
Me: Sorry, I don't work here.
Lady: That's okay, I just need a general opinion. I'm trying this boxed hair-dye for the first time and I'm not really sure how to use it or if I have the right one.
Me: Sorry, I've never used that hair-dye.
Lady: Oh, you always go to the salon for that color.
Me: Actually, I've never high-lighted or dyed my hair, thanks.
I then walked away, knowing I couldn't help her.

A couple things you should know about me and my hair:

1) I take pride in my color! I love it and the fact that it's natural.

2) From late spring through early fall I have natural high-lights and low-lights that occur from being in the sun. {Which might may people think that I have dyed my hair}

3) Don't ever tell me, or imply to me, that my hair looks unnatural!

Back to stereotypes:
1) I can be hot-tempered. I know that. But I don't think it's really dependent on my red hair. I think that people just say that because red is associated with hot. Silly.
2) As far as pain goes, I've learned to manage and handle pain differently because as a red-head I am more sensitive to pain. It's also been researched that red-heads require more anesthesia, especially during dental procedures.
3) Red heads can burn easier, but so can any person with fair skin. I have 3 sisters, 2 have brown hair and 1 has blonde hair. One with brown hair and the blonde haired one both have fair skin. So, out of 4 girls, 3 burn easy and each has a different hair color. 

I love my red-hair, and even though it comes with some negative stereotypes it's awesome to be in a minority (only 2-6% of the US Population is red-haired according to Everyday Health).


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  1. I never associated redheads with negative stereotypes maybe because my best friend growing up was a redhead? I think you're hair is beautiful, and that's probably why people think your hair color is out of a box. My natural color has gone from blonde, to darker blonde, to muddy blonde, and now I wouldn't even know what to call it-light brown with silver? lol You're gorgeous, lady!