Friday, November 1, 2013

Important Dates in November :: Thankful Thursdays

There are so many important dates in November that I have to remember. As we have now hit November 1, 2013 I can't help but think of how quickly a year has passed. What I did this past year and what I have yet to do this year are at the front of my mind as I hit another year older this month. My birthday tends to bring out my reflective side.

Important dates to Remember ::
5 - Sister's Birthday
7 - My Birthday!!
8 - Niece's Birthday
10 - Hubby's Holiday Work Party
13 - Hubby's Birthday
        Brother-in-Law's Birthday
14 - Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law's                        Anniversary
15, 16 - Remembering Isaac and Luke
17 - Niece's Birthday
18 - 4 month mark of this blog!
        Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's                        Anniversary
29 - Brother-in-Law's Birthday
       Birthday of a Great Friend

Whew! I'm Exhausted just by typing all that! I even forgot to put in TWO girls night outs and Thanksgiving! This is definitely a busy month, and probably more busy that what our December will be! I'm going to enjoy every moment I can though!

Day 1 of Thankful Thursdays :: {Every day in November}

Today I am so thankful for it being November! I love November, despite it's many dates to remember! Not just because it is my birthday month which means a free dinner from my parents :) ... but it also kicks off my favorite seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

November means craft shows, time with family, a couple days off school, Black Friday {which I have only done 2-3 times in the past 10 years}, Cyber Monday {which is actually in December this year}, and loads and loads of great smelling food!

So thankful for November!

Now that we have officially kicked off Thankful Thursdays :: {Every Day in November} I would like to hear from you about what you are thankful for! On Thanksgiving I will be posting all the things we as a group are thankful for! Leave your "thankful for" in the comments below any of these posts over the next 27 days
you can leave a note on my Facebook Page!

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