Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Many Ways to say 'Thanks' :: Thankful Day 6

There are so many ways to say thanks. Not just in the many languages there are in the world but in the non-verbal and written ways of saying 'Thanks' as well.


Genuine Smile
- Have you ever been rendered speechless because you are so grateful? I have! And the first way a person is thanked for that good deed they did is by your genuine smile!

Firm Shake of the Hand - Kind of the manly way of giving a gigantic 'Thank You Hug'! Or the more appropriate way to non-verbally confirm your thanks to an employer, interviewee, aquaintence, etc.

Returning the Favor - This one can be tricky because you might have to verbally ask what they might need done but the action is really what says thanks!

Hug - A great way to thank a great friend or a family member

Kiss - Mainly a great way with the spouse! But I also kiss my kiddos as a way of saying thanks! But, not a great way to say thanks in an interview...as we learned full well from Rachel in a "Friends" episode!

Can we say AWKWARD!!??!!
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Thank You Card - A simple card with a simple message that is personally written is a way to show your appreciation. People love when someone gives the extra time and thought into a card.

Email - A great way to say thanks after being interviewed or receiving a new position at a company.

What's your favorite way to express thanks? Is there any I missed that you feel should be added?


Day 6 of Thankful {Everyday in November}


I love my friends! I don't have many but the ones I have are great! Some I see regularly and others are occasionally!

I can talk to my friends about many things; good or bad I know they are rejoicing with me or praying for me!

Like most people my friends have changed throughout the years. To be honest, I hate that I have lost touch (except through Facebook and the occasional 'happy birthday' message) with everyone from high school, I only keep in touch with one person from college (besides Hubby!), but I love that I have finally found my friendship 'niche' (if you will). Friendships that are based on trust, love, faith, honesty, laughter, and sharing values. So many friendships passed have been based on one or two shared interests. The friendships were genuine at the time but we have since changed, and grown, and therefore, went our separate ways.

I'm thankful for friends old and new! The old ones have helped shape me into who I am today. The new ones challenge me in my faith and relationships, and reap the benefits of a me that is more confident in my friendships!

Thanks Friends!

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