Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful Day 8 :: Health


I'm so thankful for the health I have. Yesterday and today I'm sick. Head cold. Migraine. Just icky feeling.

I took my migraine medicine (which I use sparingly) because I was feeling so nauseous from the migraine. Luckily it has taken care of most my problems besides stuffiness/congestion. Getting rid of that migraine has been the best thing for me today. Unfortunately, I can sometimes feel quite loopy after taking it. Thankfully, I have a great friend who will be taking P-man after school, and a wonderful Dad who will be picking P-man up from his play date; all because I don't know if I should drive in this loopy condition! LOL!

When I look back over my life of birthdays I realize that I have been sick quite a few times on my birthday. Mainly because of allergies I have and the time of year my birthday falls! Ah well, life goes on and I still had a great birthday!

Health is important and over the next year I hope to start taking care of myself a little better. At my last doctor check-up I weighed a little more and my cholesterol had risen a bit...

Time to really start working out and eating less junk. The days of burning calories just by sitting around and laughing are over...time to get real! My health is important to me and I have a wonderful husband and 3 precious kids to inspire and encourage me.

What is your favorite way to stay healthy?

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