Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Prayers for P-man

Can I ask a favor of you?

Will you pray for my P-man?

Selective Mutism is harder to overcome than I anticipated. I was so very optimistic that my little guy could do this faster than any. I should have known from his stubborn nature and my own battle with anxiety that it wouldn't be easy.

Here we are at the end of March, he started school at the beginning of August, and he still hasn't said anything to his teacher. As we ready him for first grade there are many things that need to be in place. Doctor's diagnosis papers, informing and keeping next years teacher up to date, and one more thing but I don't care to list this one just yet (but will you still pray for it, with great intensity; it is his biggest obstacle).

As I send him off to school today I find myself doing two things.

1) I tell him as he climbs down from the car "You are brave, buddy! Have a great day! I Love You!"

2) As he walks across the street, boards the bus and the bus pulls away I am praying with great fervor that God gives him a successful day!

One more favor, please?

Pray for my own anxieties/fears/restlessness and the discouragement I feel
with this situation be covered with God's peace! Ask him to take the weight of it off my shoulders and that I might willingly release it to him. As a parent it is so hard to release our children to him, why is that though, when we know He can do far more for them than we ever could? God loves my child more than I do, it seems impossible, but it's true.

I hope you don't mind me pouring my heart out like this, but I, WE, can really use the prayers! To all those out there that have been praying...THANK YOU! We do feel them!


  1. We will be thinking about you and Peter and praying for your family. May God bless you in unexpected ways through this situation. -Jessi Sterk