Monday, March 24, 2014

Learning about my Kids Learning

There are so many aspects about our lives, that we are held in an endless state of learning about ourselves and others.

I've really been into listening to podcast's, lately, as I do my morning chores. The first one I listen to most mornings is Focus on the Family. At the end of February they replayed a two part podcast (which originally aired August of 2013) on Discovering your Child's Learning Style Part 1 and Part 2.

I was entranced by Cynthia Tobias and her insights into how our children learn. With P-man just going off to Kindergarten and the Twinners preparing for Preschool, I began to shape in my mind how I can best help them succeed in their school work.

In the back of my mind I understood the learning and processing that took place all along. But to hear it with real life examples injected into the descriptions I began a deeper understanding of each of my children and how they learn.

First, was how people process information, which is basically one of two ways ::
1) Cognitively :: which means you are analytically wired (Hubby, P-man, A-man)
2) Globally :: you're a big picture kind of person (Me, Sweetie)

Second, there is how we learn our information, one of three ways ::
1) Auditory :: learning through listening
2) Visual :: "which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and techniques" (taken from Wikipedia)
3) Kinesthetic :: physical learning

I can place not only my children, but also myself and hubby in these categories. It helped me focus on our differences, our similarities, and especially how to diffuse "situations" where learning is taking place through play. I'm looking at each individual child's learning style and beginning to nurture it, and help them see their learning style as well.

I will go equipped to the Twinners first day of Preschool armed with the knowledge of how my child learns best so the teacher can help them succeed! (not that I want her to change her teaching style, but how best she can help them engage in different areas where they differ.)

I will be the mom that if my child does homework best by sitting on their head, I will nurture that. If they need peace and quiet and a desk, I will nurture that. If they want to pace and talk it out, I will find them a quiet room in the basement and I will nurture that!

I love learning about my kids and now that they are getting older and beginning to realize they can learn in different ways I want to help them learn...because it's different from me, it's different from daddy, it's different and that's okay and it's wonderful and it's best for them.

I hope you have a chance to listen to the Focus on the Family podcast. The links are at the top of this post.

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