Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Become A Prayer Warrior!!

I have decided to form an Email Prayer Warrior Team!

Any prayer requests that come into the blog via Email or Facebook message will be sent out in a weekly email to all who sign up to be a Prayer Warrior!

{All names that are attached to the request are kept confidential unless the requester informs us otherwise.}

What Does It Take To Be A Prayer Warrior at MSGP?

1. Send Me your email address through the Contact Me! Page or through a message on the Facebook Group.

2. Wait for prayer requests to come into me and I will send out an email every Monday. So, you will only get 4-5 Emails a month from me UNLESS there is an urgent request made from someone!

3. Pray for the people in the Email! Be a Warrior - pray for them as if you were praying for your own family!

4. If at any time you want to be removed from the Prayer Warrior Team List please just notify me by email.

Will you join me in affecting this world for Christ through Prayer?

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