Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Choosing Public {Year-round} School

A mission field to be embraced!

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P-man will be attending Kindergarten starting in 1 week (minor freak out) at our local public year-round school!

There's two aspects to be explored here.
1. Why we chose year-round schooling for our children and
2. Why we chose public school instead of Christian school

P-man is a shy young man and enjoys consistency in schedule. We felt that a year-round school would be best for him since the breaks will be spread out throughout the year instead of a huge chunk during the summer. As a family, we take our vacations in July (because Hubby always takes off our anniversary which was last week). It's only 1/2 a mile or so from the other elementary he would go to and I know most the teachers and staff there as I had some of them in elementary when they were first starting off their careers. Our best friends are sending their oldest child there and we just got the teacher letter in the mail and the two will be in the same class! Also, sending him to year-round school, well...it just. seems. right.

Now onto the public schooling aspect.

Hubby went to Christian School and I went to Public School. We now live in the same town I grew up in, the Community School System I went to.

How did we choose?

1. The biggest factor is always money, right? We are not financially in a position to pay for Christian schooling. We don't want to run ourselves dry, income-wise, to put our kids through Christian School when we feel (and we have prayed about this) that we can provide the Christian Schooling at home. I stay at home with the kids and I am willing to take the time to make sure they get the much needed Christian aspect in School studies.

2. Public Schooling is a mission field to be embraced! Public Schools need God, and there are ways to exercise religious freedom in public school! More kids need Jesus today than they did when I was in school; or so it seems! I plan to equip my kids with how to effect the world for Christ, and them attending public school will give us many chances to encounter all sorts of issues that I pray we will be able to easily talk through, in a faith-oriented manner!

3. We've prayed about this, we have talked through this, and we feel God leading us through this decision that has not been made lightly.


  1. Schooling is always a tough decision. Good thing we have God to guide us :) Congratulations on making your choice and blessings to you! One thing I have learned over the years is a) never feel guilty about your schooling choice if you prayed about it and feel this is God's answer and b) never be critical of others' choices - even if they are different from your own. God lead us in different directions sometimes!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Our choices are between us and God, not us and others! For this I am very thankful! If we were all led in the same direction what a boring, uniform world this would be!

  2. I love how you and your husband made the choice that is best for your son and your family. We would definitely have stayed in public school had we still been living in our last town.