Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Choosing Public School :: {Faith Curriculum}

I've been trying to work on and come up with ideas on a curriculum for here at home that incorporates our faith. Since P-man is well into Kindergarten, I have decided the week following Labor Day is going to be an ideal time to start this. Which means, the procrastinator in me must cease to exist.

Today, a blogger friend of mine posted about her homeschooling that she does and I was clicking on her links when I came to this site :: Home School Creations! After clicking around a while I have a mapping in my head of how I want to do Christian education at home while my kids attend public school!

Now, to get that head mapping into a plan on paper!

As I find more resources I will be sharing them with you!

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  1. It is an excellent resource. There are many more out there too. Another good site is FreeHomeschoolDeals(dot)com.