Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Simply Sarah :: "Titles"

A Short Series on who I am so you can learn more about me and why I believe what I do!

I put "titles" in parenthesis because I'm not really sure what else to name this. This post will talk about what people call me, I guess, and why I love it.

"Title" -- Jesus Follower. Yes, I am a Christian! I am a child of God, saved by Jesus Christ! I can't imagine going through life without knowing the true Love and Grace and Mercy of God! I'm so thankful that I am called by name by the God of all creation! How beautiful it is! Struggle and pain, though, are not absent from my life. It's a way God molds and shapes me further for His Glory! I'll talk about this a lot more in this series so stay tuned!!

"Title" -- Daughter. My parents are wonderful and I can't thank them enough for raising me the way they did! They protected me, stood up for me, taught me, guided me, loved me, and so much more. They helped me grow into who I am today! Thank You, Dad and Mom!

"Title" -- Wife! I love this title! I love that I am married to a man that I can walk beside, support, love, share life with, enjoy our kids with, talk to easily, and a man that allows me to be who I am in Christ! I love being a wife to one AWESOME Hubby! Couldn't ask for a better man to call me his wife!

"Title" -- Mother! Love this title too! Being a mother is so rewarding. Then pour on top that I get to stay home with my kids, which is something I have always wanted to do (because my mom was always home for us). Let's be real for a second...hearing 'mom' all day can be tiring, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world right now!

"Title" -- Sister. I have 3 sisters and they are wonderful! We all live in the same general area and get to see each other more than some families do. We enjoy playing games, getting together for bridal and baby showers, we see each other on random weekends at our parents house for dinner; it's just a bundle of fun! We also have "adopted" another sister that we love and call our own. She has lived with Hubby and I for 5 years now and us sisters are so happy to call her a sister! (She has a family of her own, whom she loves and talks to daily, but they live in a different country. She's here studying for her DNP)

Those are my "Titles". Hope you learned something new about me! Look for more in this short series "Simply Sarah" coming soon!


  1. What a great post. I love getting to know you better!

  2. Hi Sarah! What a fun exercise in 'title', you are so creative! And it is a lovely way to get to know you better. So glad I 'clicked' on your image at Faith Filled Fridays! You are my neighbor there :)

    Have a great holiday weekend!