Friday, August 9, 2013

Finding Faith {in Fashion}

A friend on my Facebook page posted an article about Ex-Victoria Secret Model, Kylie Bisutti, who is now coming out with a Christian clothing line called God Inspired Fashion.

The Articles explain it the best about her stance and why she created the clothing line so I included the links here!
The Today Show posted this article on Wednesday as a follow up to an interview they did with Kylie in May of this year. The Daily Beast also posted an article Wednesday about the clothing line.

I think this is great! What a great way to get God back in school and back into our everyday lives! We should be living and breathing His word. Not only that but I think it will help hold people accountable for their actions. You can't be wearing these clothes and be bullying someone at school or talking trash about a teacher/boss/friend.

This is a great way to start conversation with others about Jesus!

A great way to fashion your Faith! {I really like the scarves!}

Image found on the God Inspired Fashion website

Part of being a Christian is walking the walk and talking the talk! Although, it doesn't have to be clothes that help others see your passion for your faith.

In High School, I used to keep my Bible in my book bag. Some people wore t-shirts from Church camp or the local Christian bookstore. Others attended a Bible Study in the Library. {actually I did all three of these!}

How did/do you "fashion" your faith in High School {or now!}? 

What do you think of this clothing line? If you like it, what is your favorite piece?

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  1. I really like the wrecked cap for women. Very cool. The boys cargo shorts are also something I'd definitely purchase for my kids.