Friday, September 6, 2013

Choosing Public School :: {Mission Field}

Everyone has their own mission field that God has called them to. I know people that are scattered across the globe who have felt called by God to reach out to those that need Him most. Hubby has family in Spain, an acquaintance of mine from High School is in Ethiopia, people from our church are serving in Great Britain, Nicaragua, Canada, West Africa, and the list goes on.

Some people stay closer to home and find their mission field right here in the United States. People who do inner-city work, go to homeless shelters, help children in high-crime areas.

Both of these areas (global or local) are greatly needed mission fields. Sometimes a mission field can even be someone's home. Reaching out to a loved one that doesn't believe or has fallen away from faith; a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend.

The mission is not different, just the place you are called to.

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Right now, the place we feel called; the place God has led us, is to public school. The mission is great here, there are many kids that come from broken homes, from unbelieving homes, from abusive homes, and countless other scenarios. These kids must be reached as well; they need us to walk along side them in the halls, sit with them at lunch tables, and play with them during recess. Our oldest has been called to his first "mission trip" in the public school. Hubby and I have a calling to invite these kids into our home and show them the love of Christ.

Our mission field right now: Public Schooling!


  1. You are absolutely right. The public school mission field is wide open and in need of many workers. the Lord called us to send our kids to Public School this year too after having sent them to Christian School. We just began this journey, but we trust He has our sons by the hand. I know they could become missionaries there if that's what the Lord calls them to do, but I know for sure I feel that nudge myself...to become a missionary Mother in our local Public School. I have NO idea how to do that, though, and I am VERY nervous about the thought, but I trust He will not only show me the road but lead the way. thank you for sharing and blessings to you

  2. Great post Sarah. There are so many kids hurting today.