Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping up with the Twinners

I post so much about P-man and his school and about family but I never focus on the Twinners.

They are getting into a routine of getting P-man off to school and starting our day.

They play so well together, they also fight quite well. Issues get resolved quickly though as it is very easy to redirect them still.

I have been doing preschool worksheets with them (especially during P-man's homework time) and they are loving it. Today we are going to focus on shapes. There is no planning, just whatever sounds good for the day and what they feel like doing. Their favorite activity is cutting, and because of that I do a lot more tedious picking up. It's great fun though and we enjoy our time. As they work independently I can be found cleaning in the kitchen or working on the blog!

The printer has finished printing our pages for today so off we go to learn our shapes!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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