Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simply Sarah :: Hobbies

I can never decide on one hobby (can anyone, really?).

My favorites hobbies right now, though? There's a few:

1. Sewing: I make baby blankets and burp cloths on a regular basis lately! Lots a pregnant friends and family! But I have also made stuffed animals, a shirt for myself, a skirt for Sweetie, pajama pants for myself and the kids, and tried my hand at a few other miscellaneous things. I would love to make this into something more than a hobby, though. Something that won't only benefit family, but maybe blankets and burp cloths for babies in the NICU or stuffed animals for young kids in the hospital.

2. Crafting: This just goes a long with having kids. I really don't have any particular craft I like more than the other, nor am I exceptionally awesome at any of them. But, I do like to try most crafts. I have made quite a few different ones (last year I did a Pinterest Project every week so I have tried quite a few.) and failed at quite a few, too. It's always fun to involve the kids in the crafts though! My favorite one is the wreath I made for our family's Fourth Of July Parade Float!

3. Gardening: We have had raspberries for the past few years and it's always fun to go out and pick with the kids! This year was our first year that we had a decent crop...the ones we didn't eat right away are in the freezer waiting to be made into jam! This year we added tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and jalapenos. Next year we'll do things differently to hopefully get an awesome crop from all plants instead of just a small crop from most and a gigantic cucumber crop!

4. Reading: I like to read, I just don't always have time to read. My favorite books are easy reads like Karen Kingsbury and Beverly Lewis. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the story reads. Lately, though, I can't put down Lysa TerKeurst. She's an amazing, honest writer. I have also read The Hunger Games, Divergent Series (yet to be completed) and many other series.

5. Genealogy: A recent find for a hobby. My Mother-in-law asked me to scan in photo slides and photos from her collection along with her mother's photos and my Father-in-law's mother's photos (follow that?). In this collection of photos and old documents and memorable stuff I found pictures from the 1800's. Amazing to see these things in person, to touch them, hold them, and most importantly put a name to them. These people are a part of my Husband's family line. I have traced his paternal grandmother's line back to 1799 AD. It's all like a puzzle to me; it's very fascinating!

6. Puzzles: LOVE PUZZLES!! A favorite pass time for me. I get it from my paternal Grandmother. She always was doing a puzzle when we would visit my grandparents in their winter home in Florida! I did so many while I was pregnant, also. I really need to do this more; the kids, I'm sure, would love to help!

What's your favorite hobby(ies) and why?

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