Monday, November 11, 2013

{for yesterday} Thankful Day 10

When I wanted to post yesterday my blog wasn't working all that great and I got frustrated and gave up...it was also time for me to get to bed anyway! :)

Cupcakes!! {Any Sweet Treat really!}

We have a baker in the house! I've mentioned that someone lives with us while she puts herself through college and now grad school, but did I ever mention that she loves to bake cakes? {From here on out she will be referred to as NurseC}

Cute cake for a birthday girl {photo from NurseC's FB page}

NurseC is a great cook and she makes my house smell great whenever she cooks herself dinner. But when she makes cupcakes/cake the kids want to taste...and so do I!

This past Saturday NurseC had made cupcakes for a cousin's birthday...and since it made more than 12 I got to have one...or two! They were blueberry cupcake with blueberry frosting with blueberry syrup drizzled over top. They. Were. Delicious!

I love sweets anyway! They are a weakness for me {and my teeth, just ask my dentist!}
Sunday night we went to Hubby's work Holiday Celebration and he got a bag with a ton more candy in it! I secretly hope he takes it to work so I am not tempted!

I know 'Cupcakes' is sort of a funny thing to be thankful for but being thankful for the small things can really lift your spirits when the going gets tough! Be thankful for the big things too, but don't be so focused on those things that you forget to look around at the little blessings!

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